Frederic Goudy (1865 - 1947)

A plaque in the Old Town Cemetery commemorates type designer Frederic William Goudy (1865–1947) and his partner-wife Bertha Goudy. who lived in nearby Marlboro.

Born in Bloomington, Illinois, Goudy is celebrated as one of the finest and most prolific type designers in history.
In 1905, Goudy established his first press, which he moved to New York City the next year. His wife, Bertha M. Sprinks Goudy, acted as typesetter.

His most widely used type, "Goudy Oldstyle", was released by the American Type Founders Company in 1915, becoming an instant classic. Kennerley, Deepdene, Garamont, and Forum are a few of his more than 100 typefaces.

About 75 of his designs were destroyed when his plant burned down in 1939.

Goudy is the author of The Alphabet (1918), Elements of Lettering (1922), and Typologia (1940).