Old Town Cemetery Commission

The Old Town Cemetery Commission was established in 1999 as a committee of the Newburgh Preservation Assocation. The purpose of the committee is to ensure ongoing restoration, care, landscaping, documentation, promotion, and celebration of Old Town Cemetery, both as an historic resource and as a strolling park.

Hon. Nicholas Valentine, Mayor of the City of Newburgh
Dr. Annette M. Saturnelli, Superintendent of Schools
Rev. Stephen Ruelke, Pastor, Calvary Presbyterian Church
Mr. Jerry Maldonaldo, city resident
Mr. Gerry Sanchez, city resident
(updated March 2010)

City Hall Liaison
Elizabeth McKean: records@cityofnewburgh-ny.gov

City Historian
Mary McTamaney: newburghhistory@usa.com

Duties of the Commission
"The Commission shall have charge of such funds as the Council may annually appropriate for the Commission, which moneys shall be expended under the general supervision and direction of the City Manager, for the proper care, improvement, maintenance and restoration of the Old Town Cemetery in the City of Newburgh. The Commission shall annually make a detailed report of its expenditures, activities and recommendations in regard to the maintenance and improvement of the cemetery, together with its request for appropriations for the next fiscal year... on or before the 1st day of August of each year."