Interesting People Buried in the Cemetery

Hessian Soldiers: A portion of the cemetery holds the graves of soldiers from the German province of Hesse who fought in the Revolutionary War.

Matthew DuBois: A famous Revolutionary War officer who fought at Fort Montgomery.

Jonathan Fisk (1778-1832): Attorney elected to Congress 1809-11 and 1813-15. U.S. District Attorney for Southern New York until 1819.

Thomas McKissock (1790-1866): Practiced law in Newburgh; appointed a NYS Supreme Court Justice in 1847; elected as a Whig to Congress 1849-1851.

Captain 'Bully' Robinson (d. 1853): Shipping magnate buried in an amazing Egyptian-revival mausoleum.

Selah Reeve (1741-96): A prominent merchant whose house still stands at the corner of Montgomery and South streets.

Dr. Phineas Hedges, who died in 1799 at the age of 37, was noted in the religious discussions of his day. "It is erroneously asserted of him that he died of visitation by God for participation in the administration of the Holy Sacrament to a dog. His death was from a nervous fit, to which he was subject."

Frederic W. Goudy: The famous type designer is commemorated (though he's not actually buried here).