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Green Guide to Newburgh

If you missed the Newburgh for Newcomers event in 2005, you can still purchase the 76-page program, which includes numerous short articles about Newburgh and the organizations that make it click:

• If you Buy in the Historic District
• Architectural Review Commission
• City Assessor
• Department of Planning & Development
• City Engineering

• Newburgh for Newcomers
• Newburgh Preservation Association
• Newburgh Developers Association
• Newburgh Community Improvement Corp.
• Dutch Reformed Church
• Downing Park
• Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
• Washington's Headquarters
• Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands
• Newburgh Free Library
• St. George's Cemetery
• Colonial Terraces Architectural Design District
• Newburgh Heritage Center
• Safe Harbors of the Hudson Inc.
• Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh
• The Art Scene in Newburgh

PLUS: Two-dozen reprints of 2004-05 newspaper articles concerning Newburgh.